Doggy Daycare - 29.07.20 Welcome Benji!

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Siris, Loki, Harriet, Max, Ziggy, Bessie, Sam, Gus, Archie, Bez, Benji, Adeline, Juniper, Banjo, Raffy, Charlie, Gregory

A glorious day, I actually even managed to go and get a bit sunburnt, cause you know, who gets burnt in winter in Victoria. Well apparently I do with my whiter than white complexion!! No wonder I now call Victoria home, I'd be a crispy raisin if I still live in Queensland!

We had a massive day today, We broke our previous record today of the most dogs in attendance. A whopping 17! Benji the Cocker Spaniel and his glorious hair-do started today, he was a little shy to start with on the bus, but its such a friendly well behaved crew, and once he got to the farm he worked out that it was a fun place to be pretty quick. He slept most the way home on the bus, along with everyone else, as you'll see in the gallery pictures.

Benji and his chic hair below

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I don't really know why, but below is my favourite pic of the day, I just love the little teddy bear paws and ears, makes me talk all squeaky and awwww and squishy wishy......yeah, Michael thinks I'm a bit odd too.

And a lovely video of snippets of the little kids at play throughout the day

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Days are generally classified by the following.

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