Doggy Daycare - 24.07.20 Welcome Daisy and YAY for starting a new Friday group!

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Daisy, Willow, Archie, Winnie, Wilson, Ollie, Buddy, Lily

So we have been quite quickly filling up our regular days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so we have now added a Friday Fortnight to the roster! Woo. And joining us for her first time on this cold but beautifully sunny day is Daisy, the mere 80kg Great Dane. She is by far our largest Daycare pup, and equals our largest Pet Sit client. She is the definition of Gentle Giant though and played beautifully with the high energy Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

Slideshow below, 52 images of the day, double click to show full screen

And if you notice any splodges on Michael and I today its from Daisys hugs and kisses. Here is where she got Michael from top of the ear to the shoulder and everywhere in between! BAHAHAHAH!

And here is a video for your enjoyment, love the intro with the nodding dogs (if I do say so myself!), sound is a must for the beginning.

Doggy Daycare currently runs weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and fortnightly on Friday.

Days are generally classified by the following.

Tuesday = Medium to Large Dogs

Wednesday = Teenie to Medium Dogs

Thursday = Medium to Large Dogs

Friday = Medium to Large Dogs

For more information or to enroll your dog go to:

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