Doggy Daycare - 22.07.20

A drizzly day of daycare today, the little fellas were not disappointed through! They still had the best fun! So glad to have the dog shed finished, we would have managed in our old undercover space, but this is so much better!

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Ziggy, Adeline, Raffy, Charlie, Max, Loki, Sam, Archie, Gregory, Bessie, Bez, Harriet, Gus, Loki and Banjo (looking adorably startled!)

The 'oodles look like they were playing "The Ground is Lava" and forgot to tell Sam!

Here is a slideshow of the day, 49 photos for you, double click/tap on them to enlarge

Because of the overcast weather photos on my phone were coming out blurry, so you've got more videos than normal today - awww, poor you ;) hahaha. Enjoy

And a cutie pic of happy tired puppies on the bus home to finish on.

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