Doggy Daycare - 21/07/20 Welcome Buster!

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Willow, Charlie, Bailey, Bonnie, Buster, Pugsley, Yindi, Chico, Tara, Adeline, Wilson, Lily, Lexi and Buddy

Everyone had such a fun day today. Buster the big red Golden Retriever joined the bus and group no worries, and everyone enjoyed his fun company. He flaked towards the end of the afternoon, we are going to have to work on his stamina and rationing of energy if old Pugsley can stay spritely until the end of the day - haha! Everyone enjoyed the Hay Bales, and I was amused at how much Bailey loved them and how every time she was on them I couldn't help but say 'Hey Bails', and snickered - because puns are life.

Double Click to enlarge photos.

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