Doggy Daycare - 19.08.2020

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Sid, Loki, Archie, Ziggy, Raffy, Benji, Bessie, Gregory, Juniper, Sam, Gus, Banjo, Harriet, Adeline, Charlie, Bez

I'm starting to feel like a broken record! "Forecast rain but a beautiful day!" seems to be all I have written for weeks now! Not complaining, but today was suppose to be awful and we were expecting and prepared to be in the shed all day, and we got so much beautiful sunshine! It did rain ALOT last night, so some of your dogs got good and grubby with the wet ground. In the centre of my video though you'll find me highlighting how the dogs could play out of the mud, but they choose to wrestle smack bang in the worst of it, just to make it worse.

Here's a gallery of 68 play pics of the day. Double Click for full screen.

Today's video :) some of you remember the original days when I didn't know how to edit videos so all you got were photos at the end of the day! Hope you all enjoy them :) I know I do!

Doggy Daycare currently runs weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and fortnightly on Friday.

Days are generally classified by the following.

Tuesday = Medium to Large Dogs

Wednesday = Teenie to Medium Dogs

Thursday = Medium to Large Dogs

Alternate Friday = Medium to Large Dogs

For more information or to enroll your dog go to:

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