Doggy Daycare - 15.07.20 Welcome Juniper! And neighbourly visitors Maggie and Paige.

A gorgeous foggy morning for our pre-pickup checks

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Juniper, Sam, Raffy, Max, Gus, Ziggy, Bessie, Harriet, Archie, Siris, Gregory, Loki, Maggie and Paige.

Big warm welcome to pretty little Juniper the 4 month old whippet. She joined in with the group beautifully and was very settled and content. We look forward to watching you grow!

We started out the day with a kind gift from Max' mum. The kids had a blast and the Hula Hoop was more a twisty-stick in about 10 minutes flat. Thanks Max for giving your favourite hoop to your friends.

It was a day of exciting gifties today, our kind neighbour popped over and surprised the doggos with some new toys. And also two playmates, Paige and Maggie came for some fun too.

Enjoy the slideshow of outdoor shenanigans, you should be able to open to full screen mode by double tapping. And video below.

All the dogs enjoyed the new shed! They were up and down and round and round the whole time. Enjoy the slideshow and video.

The new "Board Walk" was a hit, and of course Gregory mastered it straight away. Slideshow and Video below.

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