Doggy Daycare - 14.07.20 Welcome Pugsley and the unveiling of the DOG SHED plus more!

Attendees: (Left to Right - Top to Bottom)

Chico, Raffy, Yindi, Pugsley, Bailey, Willow, Lexi, Tara, Wilson, Buddy and Lily.

I cant believe its truly winter, beautiful sunshine all day and a perfect day to welcome Pugsley to the Pack, at 15 years young he is a senior member but he took the day in his stride and kept a smile on his face and a wag in his tail all day. He'll have sweet doggy dreams tonight.

Just look at that big beautiful labrador smile xx

We also had Raffy the little spoodle visiting from Wednesdays group. He loved playing with the big dogs and they were all so kind and gentle to the scruffer nutter. It was Baileys second week with us, she was very responsive and playful with everyone and I'm very pleased at how quickly she has integrated with this lovely group. Enjoy the slideshow

We have a new obstacle in the yard, the big dogs were curious but I think the smaller dogs will get the hang of it faster. Welcome to the Boardwalk.

We also made a funky upgrade to the Stump Path over the weekend. Its nice to have a splash of colour around the yard. Enjoy the Slide Show

And the most exciting of all, the "Dog Shed" is finally open for business. We have been working away in our free time to clear, clean, partition, paint a mural, build obstacles such at the "Cattle Ramp" and imagine fun things for the dogs. We have more to go, perhaps it will always be a work in progress but I hope you enjoy the new ALL WEATHER facility!! Enjoy the Slide Show.

And some adorable videos! If I do say so myself

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