Doggy Daycare - 13.08.20

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Tara, Max, Archie, Bear, Sonny, Lexi, Buddy and Lily

I cannot believe how lucky Doggy Daycare has been this Winter with the weather, a beautiful warm day total, even reached 18c, I can hear the rain bucketing on the roof at the moment and it seems crazy that we keep missing the rubbish weather.

Sonny seems to have only discovered the hay for the first time. He spent ages rolling in it. The stack had been starting to get disheveled for a while now, so after a big clean up of the loose stuff (chickens will love having it put in their yard on the weekend), We made 2 small haystacks, one of which Buddy immediately claimed as his own throne of hay! And in Buddys pic you can see all the hay in the center that will go to the chookies on the weekend.

The kids had the choice of Balto, Balto 2, Footrot Flats, Isle of Dogs or Bolt for today's entertainment on the ride home. The consensus was Balto, Tara was initially disappointed as she wanted to watch Isle of Dogs, but she got into the swing of things once the cartoon kicked in. (Check out the photo showing her disappointment. Hahaha.)

Here's a gallery of a few general play pics of the day.

We all had so much fun today, everyone must be tuckered out from the high energy levels. I know I am!

Had some fun with this video, Buddy my Malamute is currently blowing (intense shedding preparing for spring), his under coat literally can be pulled out in clumps. The magpies, crows and other little birds out here all know the sight of the yard when the Mals have been brushed and come from all corners to collect the fluff for their nests. Bonus for me means no clean up!

Sorry that Tara the doberman missed out on being in this video, but A. I don't feel like she does shed (Im sure her owner would disagree) and B. she was off having too much fun to be bothered with something so monotonous like having a brush.

Doggy Daycare currently runs weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and fortnightly on Friday. Days are generally classified by the following. Tuesday = Medium to Large Dogs Wednesday = Teenie to Medium Dogs Thursday = Medium to Large Dogs Friday = Medium to Large Dogs For more information or to enroll your dog go to:

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