Doggy Daycare - 11.08.20 Welcome Max and Bear

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Bear, Max, Wilson, Buster, Yindi, Pugsly, Bonnie, Bailey, Murphy, Chico, Lexi, Lily and Buddy

Max and Bear are old hands at Doggy Daycare now. Bear has been attending Thursdays since we started and her mum decided Bear would love to meet the crew on Tuesdays too. Sure enough, all the labradors loved each other! Max has been attending small dog Wednesday and Thursdays and last week we felt it was time he joined two big dog groups as he was getting a bit burly with his recent growth spurt for some of the little guys. He fitted in really well and Murphy, Bonnie and Bailey LOVED his high energy.

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Here is a fun video from throughout the day.

And the final 30 mins of daycare meant some extra steam to burn off before the trip home. Chico and Yindi definitely made the most of it.

Doggy Daycare currently runs weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and fortnightly on Friday.

Days are generally classified by the following.

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Wednesday = Teenie to Medium Dogs

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