Doggy Daycare - 09.07.2020

Attendees: (Left to Right - Top to Bottom)

Sonny, Tara, Isla, Wilson, Willow, Archie, Lexi, Max, Teddy, Buddy and Lily

Gosh what a beautiful winters day, blasting sunshine all day, quite chilly all day - it didnt pass 13 degrees on the thermometer, but that kept the dogs cool and energetic most of the day.

Heres Michael being Pied Piper to the doggo's. He actually thought I was taking photos, so was slow motion jogging, but now its immortalised in video with a audio track aptly named "Derp Nugget". Bahahaha

Theres 69 photos in the slideshow below, enjoy the fur, fun and delightful sunshine of the day (if you're viewing from a mobile device you may need to double tap image below to activate slideshow)

And I couldnt decide my favourite picture of the day so I am tied between Max the smiling Aussie Shepherd obviously overjoyed playing with Willow and Wilson. (Sweet Willow the lighter Golden Retriever is such a patient gentle mother to Max)

And picture # 2 of Sonny the Boxer having a major "WTF! MAX!" moment. Much love between them though.

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