Doggy Daycare - 08.07.2020

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Ziggy, Archie, Raffy, Charlie, Bez, Gus, Banjo, Sam, Adeline, Max, Bessie and Gregory.

We all had lots of fun today, lots of high energy play. A 'Mostly Sunny' day was forecast but I don't think there was a single patch of sun shine on us today, not to matter, there was no rain either despite being cloudy. You'll just have to bear with some blurry pics as my phone doesn't cope the best with low light.

A gallery of cute pics of the day:

This snippet of video taken of a 'play and train' time of the day just worked out smashing. I hope you enjoy!

A super cute (if I do say so myself) video of Banjo, Gregory and Bessie learning the new obstacle in the play yard! Sorry my crazy voice in final clip, but its kinda funny too ;)

Here is a blooper clip of the day, Ziggy zooms in and disrupts playtime of Sam and Charlie, and if you can hear Michael in the clip he basically tells Ziggy what to do after she has done it every time.

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