Doggy Daycare - 07.08.20

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Pugsley, Ollie, Buddy, Archie, Lily, Daisy, Winnie, Lily and Isla

Well today was flippin' cold, didnt bother the dogs though, especially the Malamutes and Newfoundland who were in their element. Being overcast the photo and video quality isn't as crisp, but still got some lovely shots. Lily (the Staghound, Lily) hasnt been at daycare for a while, she's more than doubled in size and was very keen to get into the groove with old friends. Ollie and Winnie are always a barrel of beans and make the most of their play days. Today was Pugsly's first Friday, and everyone was so gentle and kind with the old man, check out the photos of him with his freshly won toy, if that smile isn't the face of a happy dog I dont know what is. It was Daisy's second visit to the farm, she has been doing really well and is a wonderful playmate.

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Here is a fun video from throughout the day.

Doggy Daycare currently runs weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and fortnightly on Friday.

Days are generally classified by the following.

Tuesday = Medium to Large Dogs

Wednesday = Teenie to Medium Dogs

Thursday = Medium to Large Dogs

Friday = Medium to Large Dogs

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