Doggy Daycare - 07.07.2020 WELCOME BAILEY!

A lovely foggy early morning in the daycare yard. All checks done, ready to collect the hounds!

A big welcome to Bailey, she is a 2 year old Border Collie x Fox Hound. She brought high energy and is certainly the fastest of the group. She immediately took the day in her stride and enjoyed meeting and playing with everyone.

Attendees: (Left to right, top to bottom) Bailey the FoxHound x, Lexi the Shepherd, Tara the Doberman, Chico the Sharpei, Ollie, Winnie, Yindi and Bonnie the Labradors, Charlie the Bord-oodle, Adeline the Labra-doodle, Willow and Wilson the Golden Retrivers and Buddy and Lily the Resident Malamutes

Here is a gallery of all the morning photos, you'll notice Bailey running in nearly every single one! She had a blast and has taken to daycare like a duck to water.

My personal favourite pic of the day,love the way the light came out and the dogs are all so settled and happpy - playing, exploring and relaxing.

And here are the afternoon shots, the Labs and Retrievers are doing a wonderful job collecting all the sticks in the yard, the Malamutes have run out of puff, and even the high energy doggos of Tara, Bailey and Charlie have slowed down a little after the excitment of the morning

A bus full of exhausted dogs for the trip home. Adeline and Charlie are out of shot, but I can assure you they were snoring, haha. Please excuse the hair on the bus, you wouldn't know it was vacuumed last week! The hazards of the job, lots and lots of hair!

And the tuckered out Bailey - haha, I warned her to pace herself.

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