Doggy Daycare - 04.08.20 Welcome Murphy

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Murphy, Yindi, Bonnie, Tara, Lexi, Wilson, Pugsley, Bailey, Willow, Buster, Buddy and Lily

Such a chilly day today, real winter weather with ice all over the ground this morning plus plenty of hail throughout the day. But such lovely sunshine coming through in waves that we all had a such lovely day :) you can see and hear how heavy the rain was in the video, but look at the way the clouds disappear and everything becomes vibrant again. Murphy the Labadoodle started today, he fit in with everyone and was a perfect travel pup, How handsome he is standing out with his curls in this group. He'll be sleeping well tonight, and typical by 'Oodle standards he was the grubbiest of the group!

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