Doggy Daycare - 02.01.2020

Please welcome Teddy! The biggest Malamute I've ever met and he's only 9 months old. This gentle giant has blended with with the regular Thursday group and brought some puppy antics to the more mature kiddos. Lexi the White Shepherd has been very flirty with the new kid on the block, and Buddy who is 10 years Teddy's senior has been brought out of his old man shell to show the new kid how its all done. A very successful day and we look forward to seeing the gang next week.

Attendees: Teddy, Buddy and Lily the Alaskan Malamutes, Lexi (white) and Koda the German Shepherds, and Isla the Newfoundland.

Doggy Daycare currently runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Days are generally classified by the following. Tuesday = Medium to Large Dogs; Wednesday = Small to Medium Dogs; Thursday = Large to Giant Dogs

For more information or to enroll your dog go to:

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