Doggy Daycare - 01.09.2020 Welcome Spring!

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Willow, Chico, Murphy, Tara, Bailey, Lily, Bear, Buster, Wilson, Pugsley, Bonnie, Buddy, Yindi and Max

A glorious spring day, the sun was shining, the dogs were playing, couldn't be beaten!

Here's a gallery of 53 play pics of the day. Double Click for full screen.

ENJOY THE VIDEO! Its long, but I couldn't cut it any shorter, its all just too adorable.

Doggy Daycare currently runs weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and fortnightly on Friday.

Days are generally classified by the following.

Tuesday = Medium to Large Dogs

Wednesday = Teenie to Medium Dogs

Thursday = Medium to Large Dogs

Alternate Friday = Medium to Large Dogs

For more information or to enroll your dog go to:

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