Doggie Daycare - 30.07.20 Welcome Pippa and Georgia!

Attendees: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Georgia, Pippa, Lexi, Siris, Loki, Sonny, Adeline, Charlie, Archie, Wilson, Willow, Tara, Bear, Max, Buddy and Lily

Just a glorious day today, beaming sunshine, it felt like spring! We all had so much fun, and I was going to wait for spring to bring out the bubbles, but it just felt like the day today! (TBH, I think I loved the bubbles more than anyone - except maybe Sonny, Max and Bear, I'll teach them how to love them!) Still in Orchard Paddock today, the dogs all loved it, its up against the chook run and has a whole different symphony of scents for them to enjoy. Loki and Siris joined us from Wednesday group and loved playing with the bigger dogs.

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Enjoy the cute video of today.

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