Pet Sitting

Why use a pet sitter?


Your precious pets will remain in their regular environment and avoid the unnecessary stress of staying in an unfamiliar place. Your pet will be able to follow their normal feeding and exercise schedule. With the familiar sights and smells of home your pet will be a lot calmer than being sent away to a kennel.

You pet is not exposed to the illnesses or parasites of other animals. If you wish we can provide some extra security around your home to give it the ‘lived in’ look from the exterior by rotating lights & curtains, putting bins out and collecting the mail. Your pet will also remain on its regular food, causing little to no upset to their diet or feeding schedule.

If your travel plans change you will have the peace of mind knowing that we will be able to continue caring for your pet until your return. Family and friends may have best intentions but they are not necessarily as committed to you and your pet as we are.

Pet Sit Warrnambool provides an alternative to kennels that can be more cost effective and also allows your pet to remain in their routine environment at home while you are away.


We have single and double daily visit services, in which we not only come to your house to feed, water and cuddle your pet but we also do so much more. You can have utmost confidence in our tried and tested approach.  Included in standard pet sitting charge are the following:

 - Feeding and watering
 - Play/walk/grooming time - depending on your pets preferences
 - Poop removal (yard and litter trays)
 - Giving of medication where required

 - Regular SMS or Facebook Messenger updates including photos
 - Mail collection/rubbish bins in and out/light rotation for security
 - Daily watering of your indoor and veranda/patio plants or veggie garden

 - If your home or pets need something particular, don't hesitate to ask.

Personalised service is our specialty