How doggy daycare works...

We come to your home in the morning to pick up your dog in our "Dog Bus".

All dogs are securely anchored in the dog bus and enjoy a leisurely ride out to our Grassmere Farm with a bunch of their regular mates. 

Then the real fun begins. The furry gang get to play in our secure yard, run through the orchard and enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and views of the farm.

We are set up for all weather - On warm days paddle pools are on offer for cool play and by summer we will be installing a misting system in the shade to keep everyone super cool, not to mention the lovely cool shade under the dozens of fruit trees. On wet days we have multiple undercover areas for dry play and will give all dogs a good towel off before returning home. On cold days we have plenty of sheltered areas from the wind, and nap time includes soft beds and warm blankets.

We also have an array of country animals around for them to explore and sniff - safely of course (on the other side of the fence!)  - chickens, ferrets, sheep and lots of native animal scents like koalas, possums and wallaby's. 

There's plenty of space to zoom around but its not chaos, structured play and interaction time are teamed with appropriate down time and naps on demand on our clean, comfy doggie beds. Toys are provided for playtime as required and we interact and encourage the dogs to play nice. 

All dogs are under experienced adult supervision at all times, we are a small and passionate team of dog lovers so your dogs will get to know and respect each of us as the play leaders. 

Approximately 6 hours after pick-up, you pooch is loaded back on the bus and returned home, all tuckered out.


A tired dog is a happy dog!

To make an application for your dog to join daycare simply have a read of the Terms and Conditions, fill in the Initial Application Form below and we will be in contact to discuss which groups/days may suit your dog - 

Terms and Conditions

1. The fee is $45 per session per dog, This includes drop off, pick up, toys, play equipment and constant supervision. It is expected that enrollment will be ongoing so your dog can build a relationship with a regular and familiar group of dog friends (preferably 1 visit per week minimum). 

2. Due to daycare taking place on a real working farm, private drop offs and pick ups will not be accepted. Pickup and Drop offs are included in the cost of daycare. You are not required to be at home yourself for pick up and drop offs, a key is welcome to be provided to us to access your dog and will be secured safely with our other Pet Sit Clients keys on file. In the event you live outside of our current pickup/drop off zone (typically Warrnambool, Mailors Flat, Grassmere, Woodford area), daycare requests may be able to be accommodated if we can get enough interest from other areas, please still send an application :) and we will let you know when a group from your area is viable. 

3. All dogs need to be in good general health have been vaccinated to attend daycare. 

4. You 'the owner' accept supervised playtime with other dogs carries some risk of potential injury - Pet Sit Warrnambool accepts no liability for such 'accidents' unless we are deemed negligent in our level of care. 

5. All dogs must be sociable and non aggressive to people and other dogs (this is daycare NOT Fight Club!). Dogs exhibiting any dangerous antisocial behavior will be immediately separated from the group and returned home at the earliest opportunity. In the extreme and unlikely event injuries are inflicted by a dog to person or to other dogs, any burden of liability is the responsibility of the owner of the dog that inflicted the injury.