Hello, we are Michael and Laura Johnson, we are a positive, friendly and energetic couple who have been always animal lovers and passionate about animal care. We have owned and cared for a huge variety of animals, and have held responsible management roles during our working careers. 

Like many others we faced the dilemma of what to do with our pets while away on holidays?

At first we tried kennels, but after the expense and time of ensuring all vaccinations were up to date and then transporting our animals, we found to our disappointment that our pets were not only very stressed but also had unwanted parasites on their return to us (which seemed resistant to all treatments).  We then tried using friends who unfortunately forgot to come and check on our animals, luckily we were only away for a weekend. Finally, we decided to use a pet sitter, who ran their business as a bit of a hobby - unfortunately, they to failed to follow our instructions and once again we were left frustrated at the lack of reliability and attention to detail.

Talking with friends and relatives we realised that many others had similar frustrations. We looked at each other and said, if only there was someone like US to look after our animals..... and that was the start of Pet Sit Warrnambool. 

Having worked in the pet care industry for many years, including managing a large pet store, studying animal nutrition, and undertaken animal first aid training we decided to become the solution to the anxiety caused when owners are away from home and have to leave their much loved pets in someone else's care. 

We understand completely the huge responsibility that comes with caring for your precious animals and that they are  and what a huge part of the family they are. 

We have a sharp eye for detail for an animals' health, happiness and well being. For many years we have looked after dozens of small animals, birds, dogs, cats and hundreds of fish on a daily basis both professionally and privately.

We live on a small hobby farm in Grassmere and currently at home we have 2 Alaskan Malamute dogs, 4 cats, 1 elderly ferrets, a cockatoo, 6 dwarf rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, a tropical fish tank and 4 chooks. We also have plenty of experience with horses, ponies, sheep, goats, reptiles, ducks, rats and mice to name a few.

You can rest assured, when leaving your pets in our care they will receive the same level of care and love they get from you.


We look forward to meeting your family of pets soon

Laura & Michael Johnson

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